Praise for Surviving the Cure: Cancer was Easy,* Living is Hard

"Andrew Bundy's captivating memoir has an unexpected focus seldom explored in the story of cancer: survivorship. [He] invites us into the intimate, deeply private struggle of coming to terms with life after cancer. With humor and candor, Andrew sends a powerful message about the significant medical and emotional issues that shape life after treatment and illuminates the critical need for programs that support young cancer survivors."

Anna Pawlowska, MD — Director, Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Program, City of Hope Medical Center 

Surviving the Cure: Cancer was Easy,* Living is Hard is now available on Amazon!

Now available in print and as an ebook on Amazon, this memoir offers a raw and humorous look into the reality of life after cancer. While many people understand the disease, few truly understand the scope of the challenges survivors continue to face even after they enter remission. 

Surviving the Cure takes readers into the life of Andrew Bundy, a leukemia survivor who learned cancer was only the beginning. After barely surviving treatments for his leukemia, he discovers the after-effects of the cure make returning to a normal life all but impossible. 

The more we share our message, the closer we come to improving the lives and quality of care of the millions of survivors around the world.

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